Haifa is Always Number One

Haifa Wehbe

People seem to look at all the negatives of Haifa now just to put her down because they are in denial that her career is still going up.
It's a natural thing and everyone gets old... her arms have always been flabby like that ever since Alwadi TV show but at The Manager 7th prime they are more flabby because its 5-6 years later and she is around 40 now. Her fame is clearly enlarging every step of the way and you can tell because people are more crazy over her performances now than ever before...

There's never an available spot for any more people in these stadiums anymore when they find out that Haifa is coming to perform. When she is seen in a park or street, people go ballistic. Her new video clip Yabn El 7alal was a big hit and got so many views in a matter of weeks and so did the movie she acted in "Bahr El Nojoom" - where she got most of the attention - and she just finished filming her new movie "Dokan She7ata" which should be in cinemas soon.

None of those women copying her are getting anywhere no matter how sexy they are because they're simply just not as smart. Haifa's body is still amazing and her face is still beautiful, I mean the botox is more visible now but I'm sure it doesn't look that obvious in real life. Sometimes her face looked normal in this show and then at other time it looked like it was injected with botox. It just depends, not every shot is gonna be a good one.

Comment originally posted on Haifa Wehbe at The Manager by LebLove.

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