Are You Watching 'Wa Tamdi Al Ayam'?

turkish series wa tamdi al ayam

It seems the vibe of the Turkish TV Series hasn't faded away! On the contrary, they're becoming more popular with each passing day!
The latest Turkish series on MBC4 is 'Wa Tamdi Al Ayam' -and the days pass by- .
It tells the story of three orphaned kids, Asmar, Ali and Ghazal.

The story starts out at the orphanage and like a blink of the eye, 23 years have passed and the three meet again by chance!

Asmar has become a member of the mafia, Ali a policeman who's engaged to a rich girl and Ghazal, who has changed her name to Nadine, has become a successful surgeon.

Have you started watching 'Wa Tamdi Al Ayam'?
What do you think so far?

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