Al Ijtiyah Wins International Emmy Award! Hurray!

al ijtiyah

Jordan has made history! They've won their first ever International Emmy Award! That's HUGE! Congratulations!
The series, Al Ijtiyah -The Invasion- won the award in the category 'Telenovela'.
The event was held yesterday in New York and the awards were handed out during a glamorous gala in front of a huge audience of about 1,000 entertainment professionals and media executives from around the world.
If you're not familiar with Al Ijtiyah, it's a 2007 series directed by Shawqi Al Majiri and starring Abbas Al Nouri and Saba Mubarak.

The story is that of love during war and chaos, focusing on the daily life of a modern Palestinian who desires to live in dignity and peace.

Many congratulations! This is great! At last some international recognition!

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