Dina Hayek, Latest Victim of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong!

dina hayek

Lebanese singer Dina Hayek is the latest victim of plastic surgery gone really wrong!
Although i don't understand why, Dina has undergone a series of surgeries on her face and the last one was on her nose, not for any reason, but to repair the previous one! (I don't get it, but what was wrong with her nose to begin with? She had a nice nose!)
What happened after she came out of the operating room was something she never thought would happen to her, something was really wrong with her face! She had strange bumps all over! Ouch!
Naturally, the doctor had told her and her concerned family that those bumps would disappear in a matter of days or a couple of week tops, but they didn't!
What will happen now?

Actresses and singers are constant clients of plastic surgery, but it seems they don;t learn from the mistakes of each other!
If you don't get under the knife, then you're not at risk of ruining your nose or you lips! Simple! Why don't they get it?

In all cases, we wish Dina a speedy recovery and Inchallah her face will be fine soon!
Get Well Soon Dina!

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