Shatha Hassoun on Gulf TV Channels

shatha hassoun

LBC Star Academy 4 winner, Shatha Hassoun seems to have scored well in her debut acting experience! The series 'Letter from a Dead Man' that aired on an Iraqi channel during the holy month of Ramadan, was a noticeable success that attracted the interest of a couple of Gulf TV channels.
It seems Abu Dhabi and Qatar channels have bought the rights to broadcast the series this November.

The aim behind this interest is -naturally- gaining audiences and spreading the social message that the series focus on.

The series tackled a number of problems that the Arabic home and the Iraqi home in particular suffers from.

It is also possible that LBC will also broadcast the series, since they're the patrons of launching Shatha's career!

Did you watch the series ' Letters from a Dead Man'? What did you think?

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