Star System to Let Go of 12 Star Academy Students?

star system

During the past 5 seasons of Star Academy, each and every student that graduates from the academy gets a ready to sign contract with Star System in an effort to launch their career.
Naturally, not all those who sign a contract will succeed in a singing or acting career, and thus have to be let go by their managing company because they become more of a liability than a star!
As we all know there are a few of those Starac graduates who have made it big and are on their way to stardom like Ahmad Al Sharif, Joseph Attieh, Bashar Shatti, Bashar Ghazawi, Fadi Andraous and Amani Swisi.

Now, the question is, after five years of managing all those, Star System is going to let go of 12 of those graduates. Will the 12 be the ones who have made it on their own two feet or will they let go of the ones who haven't found a way to make a name for themselves?
Who will the 12 be?

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