Tash ma Tash Becomes Kulna Iyal Karya on MBC

kulna eyal krayya

Through out the past years, we've gotten used to the funny duo Naser Al Gasabi and Abdallah Al Sadhan in Tash ma Tash. The funny scenarios we laugh about are actually depiction of real life incidents and are an eye opener on what happens in other societies!
This year, and after a lot of thought, Tash ma Tash has gotten a make-over and has become Kulna Iyal Karya!
This year, Naser and Abdallah have promised to deliver an even funnier refection of society and to show the Saudi saying "Kulna Iyal Karya wa Kul Minna Yaarif Khaya" in all its glory!

Be sure to tune in to MBC to watch the funny duo in their new series because you'll sure have a good laugh!

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