Haifa Wehbe’s Family Feud?!

Haifa Wehbe at one of her concerts

You would think that if your mum was the (in) famous and beautiful Haifa Wehbe you would make sure she was at your wedding and you may even have asked her to perform one of her many hit songs. But that wasn’t true for Haifa’s daughter Zainab who recently got married and refused to not only inform her mother but even have her at the wedding. Haifa had to find out about her daughter’s marriage through some family friends –ouch.

The reason behind this anger is obvious, Zainab is –and always has been- unhappy with the revealing photographs and music videos in which her mother stars. In fact I would go to the extent of saying she is just plain ashamed of her mum’s work. In addition to this Zainab claims her mother never attempted to be part of her upbringing. As you can imagine Haifa is not feeling too happy about this but I must say she deserves it. She wouldn’t be the first diva to give up her career to retain the love of her children! You’ve got to make a choice sometimes!

By Karim

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