Tareq Jaffali Dies of Heart Attack

haifa wehbe and tareq jaffali

Tareq Jaffali is a name we're all familiar with, not because he's a celebrity or anything, but because he was once Haifa Wehbe's fiancée!
Tareq was a Saudi business man, who got engaged to Haifa Wehbe a couple of years ago before breaking up with her over family troubles!
Well, we haven't heard much about Tareq in the past couple of years until last week, when it was reported that he'd suffered a heart attack and passed away while being in Cannes!
At first, it sounded like a rumor to me ...

but then reports started pouring in that he was indeed in Cannes and there were different reports as to what happened that caused his death!
Some reports said it was a heart attack while other said he'd taken a high dose of medication! Go figure that one out!
So, it ain't no rumor after all!

Thanks to Soo Strange for the news tip.

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