LBC Star Academy 5 - Prime 10 LIVE

To kick off the tenth prime of Star Academy 5, Egyptian singer Angham sings one of her popular songs 'Kol Ma Ne2rab' and Shahinaz sings along.
The surprising thing is that Angham's performance wasn't impressive at all! Her voice seemed weak and the music was louder than her!

The 1st tableau if the night is totally Lebanese! Mohammad starts to sing as the rest of students do a bit of Dabkeh and sing in the background.
Then Saad comes in with a Rababah and sings 'Diggi Diggi Ya Rababah'.

The nominees enter the stage and the 1st to sing is Amal M., she sings something French.
I think she sings Entre Nous by Chimene Badi.
Then Mostafa sings 'Saalouni' by Wael Kfouri.
Mirhan sings last and she does a Haifa Wehbe song! I think it's 'Fakerni'.

It's time for Amel Bent to sing her 1st song of the night, she does her popular debut song 'Ma Philosophie'. Diaa sings along with her.

The second tableau is amazing! Three huge washing machines up there and on top are the students singing 'Ya Bent el Jeeran' by Rami Ayach. Oh! They're doing laundry too!
Abdallah goes first, then Mostafa takes over.

Angham sings again ... she performs her song 'Atmanalo el Kheir' with Shahinaz.

As for Friend of the week ... it's a girl this week ... it's Amal M. !

Mohammad appears from behind a huge screen! I thought it was another surprise guest!
He sings one of those patriotic songs by Wadih al Safi, i think it's entitled 'Yabni'.

Bader drops from the ceiling of the theater … beside him sits Shahinaz.
They sing Ibrahim al Hakami’s debut song ‘Ma Baddi Illak Shou Benni’.
The Academy's Angels are going to perform now!
Amal M. , Amal B. and Mirhan sing 'Ashteki Minno' by Nancy Ajram.

Amel Bent performs the legendary Rocky song Eye of the Tiger.
Joining her are Zaher and Diaa ...
Sorry, but if you know and love the original song, you won't like their performance at all!
I know it's remix, but it could have been better!

The 3rd tableau tonight is set in a bakery … YUMMY!
And Shahinaz sings ‘el hilwa di’ … the Dania al Khatib remix of the original song.
Amel Bent sings again … this time she sings her song Nouveau Francais alongside Nader and Amal B.
It seems it's Zaher's 21st B-day ... he gets a huge surprise! An unexpected visit from his best friend Raida! Happy B-day Zakzak!

To finish off the prime ... i mean just before announcing the voting results ... Angham sings another one of her songs.

As for the voting results, Mirhan gets 40.41% and thus is saved by the audience.
The choice is now between Mostafa and Amal M.
The students give the majority of their votes to Amal M. and Mostafa leaves the Academy! Hard Luck Mostafa!

Gosh! What a surprise! I thought his friends would give him a chance ... but those are the harsh rules of the game! And Amal M. has many friends inside the academy ... it must have been a difficult choice for the students.

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