The Son of Mohammad Ali, Adrenalin and Romance!

Photo of Syrian actor Jamal Sulaiman

Syrian actor Jamal Sulaiman will be starring in a new big budget series about the famous Basha Mohammad Ali and shotting will begin next September.
The cast and crew will be heading to Morocco to shoot the movie inside the wall of an ancient castle, the same one where the great movie Kingdom of Heaven' was filmed.

Hani Hussein

Star Academy graduate Hani Hussein has decided to enter the movie business! He's getting ready to shoot his first movie, entitled 'Adrenalin', which also stars Khaled Al Sawi and Iyad Nassar.
The movie will be set in a hospital and is set for a 2009 summer release.

snapshot from Joesph Attieh new music video clip

Star Academy 3 winner Joesph Attieh is putting the final touches to his latest video clip to his song 'Habet Aiounak'.
The clip, which will be aired in the coming few days on music satellite channels, is very romantic.

Photos from Joseph new music video clip

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