Al Dameer El-Arabi

Al Dameer El-Arabi

In 1998 “El-Helm El-Arabi” (The Arab Dream) brought together 23 singers from all over the Arab World; they sang for world peace, it was a very touching song especially when it shows how we, and every single person living in the Middle East suffers from continuous fighting, killing, and struggle every single day.

A decade has passed since the last time Arab singers united and released El-Helm El-Arabi, Unfortunately, nothing has changed! Apart from more problems and more conflicts; and of course more children dying every single day in Palestine and Iraq... We still have the same problems and conflicts we used to have 10 years ago. Gaza, Beirut, and of course Baghdad! Sadness everywhere, the death toll following the Israeli assault against Gaza Strip since last Wednesday has increased to 118, mainly children, while more than 350 were wounded.

The Arab singers have decided to unite again and present a new song which is called “Al Dameer El-Arabi”, hoping for a better future. The song is 40 Minutes long with a video clip that is very touching, and can almost make you cry. To get a full picture of the day by day slaughtering of children in Palestine and the conflict in general, YOU should watch the video clip of the Song “Dameer El-Arabi”.

By Zeid Hreish

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