Facebook Censored in UAE!

Facebook censored

We all love our Facebook -there is no doubt about it- and the love is definitely strong in the UAE where this social networking site is the second most popular site in the entirety of the Emirates. But the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) will be imposing some new regulations on internet access under which parts of all social networking sites will be banned! Spokespersons from the TRA have said that under the Internet Penetration Policy the parts of Facebook that threaten the loss of the UAE’s ‘identity, traditions, ethics, morals and culture’ will be banned.

So what does this mean for the avid Facebook-ers? Basically any section of Facebook that encourages dating will be banned and those living in the UAE will not be able to access or see it. This crack down on Facebook may be spreading throughout the Arab world seeing as which Iran banned Facebook in September and Syria did the same in November due to a fear of ‘Israeli infiltration’!

By Karim

Source: Arabian Business

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