Star Academy 5 Dailies - 26

Mirhan and Zaher have a heart to heart talk about what's going on with their LOVE-meter!
Mirhan asks Zaher if he's got his eye on some girl and Zaher ask Mirhan about the sorta relationship she has with Mostafa.

Amal Mahlaoui has a problem with Mostafa because he asked her about her boyfriend back in Tunisia. Amal wants to behave with respect with each student in the academy and doesn't want to get into a silly love relationship!
Mohammad agrees with Amal and feels the same way ... sitting with a boy or girl doesn't mean falling in love!
Maybe Mostafa didn't mean anything by whatever it is he said, but it did cause a big problem!
Mostafa went to Amal and told her if he did anything wrong, then he apologizes and he thinks of her as his big sister and he was only joking. He also said, don''t exaggerate things and don't complicate things!

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Shahinaz isn't able to get Civac out of her mind! She talks about him all night ... she shared her thoughts with none other than Diaa ... they kept on talking until the wee hours of the morning! But it seems all the girls have a crush on Civac!

George doesn't accept being late for his class! The other morning, all the students who were late, had to run up and down the stairs 5 times! Some cheated ... like Khaled for example. He reached half the stairs, waited for a while and returned down! ts ts ts ...

It's chocolate frenzy time again! A big brown bag full of chocolate arrived and that's when the war started!

How did the nominees take the news of their nomination?
Ahmad was expecting the bad news and so was Bader. But Khaled wasn't!
Ahmad began packing his bag right after the news and has lost hope totally!
Khaled was a sore loser! Khaled told the teachers that it's unfair that they chose him as nominee ... So, Gabi gave him a few words ... they didn't choose him just becasue they want to, but because they think he's not serious and would like him to wake up to the fact that he's lucky to be in the Academy and needs to work really hard on himself to make it! If he doesn't listen to the advice he'll never make it in the music business.
As Ahmad puts it: Irkab el hantoor we tehantar fi ai hitta!

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