Hind Sabri New TV Series

Tunisian actress Hind Sabri

Hind Sabri is a talented actress by any standards and now that she has conquered cinema she is entering the world of TV drama! Her entrance will be by the way of a 30 episode series that currently holds the temporary name ‘Bad El Forak’. The story is of two young children Nagey, Hinds co-star Khalid Saleh, and Sukarah who fall in love as children, however, Nagey grows up to be a famous journalist and hence forgets about his childhood love.

Hind’s character Sukarah perseveres and goes from being a petty maid to becoming a wealthy lady and this is when she meets Nagey once again. The story is original and is a very classic blend of romance and tragedy written by Mohammed Ashraf. It seems like an appropriate way for Hind to enter the highly competitive world of TV drama. However, one cannot help but be concerned! Hind is trying to do the chameleon thing with her presenting experience in Ramadan and now this. Is she spreading herself too thin?

By Karim

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