Mohammed Hamaky’s New Album

Mohammed Hamaky

We all enjoyed his second album thoroughly but as he always wants to please his fans Mohammed Hamaky has already begun to work on his next album! This time he and Tarek Madkour have patched things up and decided to work with each other again. You may remember Tarek as the man who discovered the golden voice we know as Hamaky but they argued and decided not to work with each other again and as a result Hamaky’s second album did not contain a single song composed by Tarek.

Hamaky and Tarek have had several working session together where they go through the songs and Hamaky picks the ones he would like to sing and they have decided to film these session so as to put them on their websites. I think it’s great that Hamaky and Tarek have sorted out their problems because Tarek knows exactly what suits Hamaky’s voice in my opinion and their collaboration will only bring out something spectacular.

By Karim

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