Saudi Arabian Cinema Blooming

In the Western world Saudi Arabia is often perceived as a backwards country when it comes to the world of cinema and music and whilst music may not be a popular industry in Saudi Arabia, the interest in cinema is on the rise. It appears that Hisham and Mays’s hit movie ‘Kayf El Hal’ has sparked a certain interest in Saudi Arabian produced cinema. This past year 28 Saudi Arabian movies have surfaced including the new movie ‘Zelal El Samt’ which also starred Star Academy star Hisham.

Many of these Saudi Arabian movies have actually been of such quality that they participated in Film Festivals such as the Tokyo Film Festival and the UAE Film Festival.

I think this is a very positive movement in the right direction for our Arab world. As Saudi Arabia has always represented the Islamic world the growing interest in cinematic production shows that we can make good movies with a purpose.

By Karim

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