Will Hilda Khalifeh Stay or Leave?

Photo of Hilda with Maya and Rym

The 5th season of LBC Star Academy is only a couple of weeks away and there are already a few rumors circulating about a couple of things ... the most intriguing one is about the presenter ...
During the past 4 years, we've gotten attached to the prime presenter Hilda Khalifeh.
But rumor has it that this year, she's going to be replaced by Mais Hamdan!
What do you think? Is it time for a new presenter to take the stage of Star Academy? Or is Hilda the perfect person to present the show?
We at WALEG would love to see Hilda one more time! How about you?

photo of Hilda and Rola Saad
picture of Hilda Khalifeh

Thanks to Aline for the newstip

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