Syrian Actors, Egyptian Dramas!

This Ramadan we saw something that hardly occurred in the world of TV: Syrian actors and actresses were taking part in Egyptian Ramadan dramas! I guess we could trace this pandemic to last year when Jamal Sulaiman starred in ‘Hadaek El Shaytan’ which was a huge success, and then this year he was part of ‘Awlad EL Layl’. After it was obvious that Syrian actors helped and did not hinder an Egyptian series many Syrian actors were cast. Tayem Hassan, I must say, was the biggest surprise amongst the Syrian actors this Ramadan.

He took on the role of King Farouk and made it so believable, so human and that takes a real professional to do! He even mastered the Egyptian dialect! Ayman Zidan was another Syrian actor penetrating the Egyptian series this year with his series ‘Oyoun Wa Ramad’. Ayman said that the world of Egyptian dramas is extremely different but that he is thrilled with this experience.

The question is did you, the viewers, enjoy seeing Syrian actors in Egyptian dramas?

By Karim

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