Syrian Actor Wael Sharaf

Wael Sharaf

It's no secret that the most adored character in the popular tv series Bab El Hara 2 is Mutaz, the son of Abu Essam.
Mutaz is brought to life by Syrian actor Wael Sharaf.
This guy is still at the first few steps of his career and being in Bab El Hara has given him a good boost.
Wael chooses his roles carefully, he's been offered a few roles before Bab El Haraq, but saw them to be unfit for his character, but Mutaz was a role he couldn't refuse.
Wael mentioned in an interview with 'Laylak' magazine, that in a few weeks, shooting of the 3rd part of Bab El Hara will begin. All the cast and crew are excited about it.

What do you think of Wael Sharaf?
What do you think, is he as adorable in real life as he was in Bab El Hara?

Wael Sharaf Photos

Wael Sharaf pictures

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