Get Ready for Bab El Hara 3 !

Yes! It's true! The Syrian series Bab El Hara will be returning next year in it's 3rd installment!
It has been officially announced that director Bassam Mulla is working on the 3rd part with the famous actors who make the story of Haret Al Dabeh come alive.
In an interview with news channel Al Arabiya, Mulla said that he's going to work with the same big names, while the story is going to shift a bit, where it will focus on the children of Abu Issam after they all get married and have their own lives.

Mulla also gives us a tiny spoiler ... one of the characters will get married again by the end of this part ... meaning he'll be married to two women! That's when the ever-lasting problem of 'Al Dhurra' starts boiling again! How about that?
Who will this character be? We have to wait until the end of the series!

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