Shakbat Shakabeet was Ready & Waiting!

We have all been witnesses to Nancy Ajram’s success with her new album targeted at children ‘Shakhbat Shakhabeet’, but little did we know that her success was actually offered to seven other singers who didn’t accept it! The lyricist for the entire album Awad Badawi, claims that the album has been ready for the past nine years and it was offered to seven different artists, some completely rejected the album, while some cancelled just a few days before they started recording!

According to Awad, nine years ago Hisham Abbas asked him to write a children’s album, but after it was done he showed the lyrics and tunes to Hisham, who rejected it and gave no reason whatsoever. The album was then offered to Medhat Saleh, Ehab Tawfeek and Amal Maher but none of them got down to recording it. But just before Awad gave up on the album, he showed it to Nancy Ajram and after hearing a few songs she insisted that this album was hers and she immediately recorded it and recorded videos for three of the songs.

By Karim

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