Haifa Wehbe in Serious Car Accident

Haifa Wehbe Car Accident

Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe survived a serious car accident while filming her latest video clip of the song 'Hassa if Benna Haga' in Lebanon.
The video clip shows a helicopter chasing Haifa's car ... What happened was that the helicopter hit the back of Haifa's car and also Haifa's head! This resulted in a huge accident that left the car smashed and loads of glass pieces flew in all directions which resulted in puncturing the helicopter's fuel tank! The fuel spilled all over Haifa & the crew ... This could have become an ugly exploding accident ... But luckily that didn't happen.

Photos of Haifa Car Accident

pics of Haifa wahbe car accident

The Lebanese Army forces came to the rescue and pulled Haifa away from the wreck and protected the crew as well.
Haifa was taken to the hospital for check up ... She was under surveillance for about 24 hours ... Luckily she came out of this whole experience with no serious injuries.

Haifa thanked the Lebanese forces for helping her and promised her fans that she'll be back very soon to continue working on her new album.

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