Dina Hayek Says Goodbye to Rotana

Talented Lebanese singer Dina Hayek terminated her contract with production company Rotana AudioVisual before its end. After releasing two albums, successful "Katabtellak" and not-so-successful "Taa La Albi", Dina says she could not come to an agreement with Rotana executives. Dina had complained before about the lackluster attention she gets from Rotana, the mediocre advertising, and the less than flattering airtime her latest video clip, "Taa La Albi", got on Rotana channels. While the video clip issue was solved, Dina still blamed Rotana's bad advertising for the failure of her album on the Egyptian and Gulf sales charts.

The final straw was when Rotana prevented Dina from performing at the 2007 Hala Febrayer Festival in Kuwait. Dina said that Rotana dismissed her request by simply saying "we do not decided who performs." That is very unlikely when nineteen out of the twenty-two performers were Rotana artists.

Dina will soon release a single on Melody channels, although she has not chosen a new production company yet. The lyrics begin like this:

"Eamelt Aashanak Kol Haga
Eamelt Eih Enta?
Kan Albi Ghali Aidatahoulak
Ma Redaytshi, Leih Terda?"

It is still worth noting, though that Dina says she is on good terms on Rotana, and her next video clip, "Baddi Habibi" will air on Rotana channels first.

What do you think? Though Rotana hampers the abilities of many prominent singers, do you think a relatively new singer such as Dina will do very well away from Rotana?

By Ahmed

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