Dina Hayek Admits Having Plastic Surgery

dina hayek

Some celebrities go mad for plastic surgery ... Why? I am not sure!
If you come to think of it, some might really need some work done, if their face isn't beautiful or if they have a huge nose or ugly lips ... But, I wonder why in the world would Dina Hayek need Plastic Surgery?
Dina admitted recently that she did have some work done on her nose ... Only her nose!
She said that she wanted more plastic surgery done on her face, but every time she went to a doctor, he would refuse to schedule for surgery!

Doctors told her that her face is of perfect proportions & doesn't need surgery! Meaning: "You are beautiful! You'd be crazy to have anything done!"
I guess they are right, I don't see any reason for Dina to have any more plastic surgery done.
Do you agree?

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