Miss Iraq 2006 was Silva Sahagian

Miss Iraq 2006 Silva Sahagian

A few months back, there was a Miss Arab World Beauty Pageant in Egypt and among the young women participating in that pageant was Miss Iraq 2006 Claudia Hanna ... Well, turns out that that Pageant was not an unofficial one and that Hanna isn't Miss Iraq 2006 at all and she never participated in a Miss Iraq contest! What a mess!

The real Miss Iraq 2006 is a young lady by the name of Silva Sahagian ... This mix up has caused lots of trouble for the organizers of the unofficial pageant and even a huge law suit has been thrown in their faces by the organizers of the official Miss Arab World Beauty Pageant.

As for Miss Iraq 2007 ... The pageant was held during March & the winner of the title was Anais Catala ... So don't mix it up this time!

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