Joseph Attieh Get's a Thumbs Down in Tunisia!

Joseph Attieh

Star Academy 3 winner Joseph Attieh has started promoting his debut album outside Lebanon.
His first concert was in Tunisia on the 7th of April ... and he will be going to Australia to meet his fans there on the 20th of April in Sydney and then next day in Melbourne.
But the 'unhappy' surprise was that his concert in Tunisia was a flop! There was not real turn-out!
It seems the reason is a rumor that has been circulating in Tunisia about Joseph ...

According to the rumor, Joseph was a huge supporter of Shatha Hassoun ... and he campaigned a lot for her and against Marwa Ben Sghaiar!!! ... Just a rumor? or is any of it true? ...
That didn't matter for the Tunisian Star Academy fans, because they took it for granted & decided to 'not' attend Joseph's concert!

News about the rumor by Shaza

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