Ghassan Massoud in Pirates of The Caribbean : At World's End

ghassan massoud

Syrian actor Ghassan Massoud, who has previously starred in the great movie Kingdom of Heaven, also stars in the upcoming Pirates of The Caribbean movie.
Massoud has just finished filming 'At World's End' & has revealed that this experience has made his career stronger on the international level. He says that participating is such a fantastic movie with big stars like Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom & Kiera Knightley, in addition to his important role in Kingdom of Heaven has introduced him to the international audience in a very positive way.
It is worth mentioning that Massoud starred in the 2006 movie about Iraq 'Valley of The Wolves' alongside actor Billy Zane.

Massoud played the religious icon AbdulRahman Halis Kerkuki, a man who has kept Arabs, Kurds & Turkomans living in peace with no problems. A man who thinks that people should live together in peace whether they are Muslims or not. This is an important movie about the other side of the American existence in Iraq. Massoud is saddened that such a strong movie wasn't played in Cinema's around the Arab world, except in Beirut.

Massoud also regrets not taking a part he was offered in the movie Syriana. At the time, he thought it was a pro-American movie that targets the Arab world & specifically Syria.
After watching the movie, he found out that he had made a mistake & that the movie carried no negative ideas about Syria.

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