What happened to objective/constructive criticism?

How can a recreational Television program create a political/regional cyber war involving various factions utilizing weapons of hate, racism, verbal abuse, and uncouth comments? Itís pretty shameful if you ask me. Why do we feel the need to always hurt each other? Itís unbefitting of our humanely qualities and civilized upbringings. There is no reason for anyone to feel that they are superior to the other just because they belong to a certain country. Every Arab country has its own unique qualities and characteristics. They have the good and the bad.

The Middle East is filled with civilization and immersed with rich history and culture. No one can make the claim that one country is better than another. They all have their own distinct qualities. Why do we always have to be so nationalistic to the point where we forget our humane nature? Why canít be good citizens of the world? Donít get me wrong. Iím not saying that you should not be proud of whom you are and that you should possess a patriotic devotion to your homeland, but itís unnecessary to have such extreme patriotism.

It can be lethal, and it can strip you of your humanity. God has created earth and he made it so vast for us to live on it cooperatively. The reason for its diversity is so that we can get to know each other and learn about our differences, and consequently, appreciate it. Why do we have to fill it with hate and destruction? There is a simple solution to all of our problems, and itís called respect. We need to respect each other and respect and honor our various opinions. Everyone should be respected. Same goes for the students.

I see a lot of hatred toward the students whom you donít even know. We may not like some of their voices, but there is no need to poke fun of their faces, weight issues, personalities, or their nationalities. What happened to objective/constructive criticism? Why canít we just judge them solely on their performances and voices? And donít tell me this is not a singing competition and itís about everything. Itís a singing competition. I donít see them acting in the primes. I see them singing. At the end of the day, the person with stage presence, voice, and musical talent will make it in this business.

By Audrey

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