Adel Imam in the New Comedy 'Morgan Ahmed Morgan'

Adel Imam and Mervat Amin

Last Thursday in Grand Hyatt Hotel-Cairo, Adel Imam celebrated the start of shooting his new comedy film called 'Morgan Ahmed Morgan' in which the Egyptian actress Mervat Amin will be co-starring with him.

This film will be Mervats come back to the silver screen after a long lasting 23 years in which the last time she appeared in cinema was also with Adel Imam in the film 'Wahda bi wahda'-One By One!

Sherif, Mervat and Basma

Other actors starring in this film is Hassan Hosny, Youssef Dawood, Basma, Ahmed ElSa'dany, Sherif Salama and many more! Adel's long time friend Said Saleh also attended the party together with Lebanese singer Nora Rahal.

Morgan Ahmed Morgan reached a cost of 27 million Egyptian pounds and it will be the 120th film in Adel Imam' Record- 'touchwood!'

The film interprets the life of Morgan Ahmed who is a successful and rich business man who faces only one obstacle that he isn't a university graduate and his kids feel there is less potential in him so this makes him attend college and he meets Mervat Amin who is a Professor there.

By Aya

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