Rotana vs. Artists: Round 1,000,000


The story never changes; the characters are simply switched with new ones. This is the story of Rotana and its never-ending conflicts with its Egyptian artists. The latest conflict would be with the famous Egyptian singer, Angham. Angham’s latest quarrel with Rotana is over her choice of director. Angham is trying, again, to get Nadine Labaki to do her first video for her upcoming album. However, Salim El Hindi’s strict budget, again, is preventing Angham from doing so. Last time, she settled for Hadi El Bajouri. This time, the conflict remains unresolved. This follows her complaints about how Rotana didn’t sufficiently advertise her album. Naturally, an artist with Angham’s rich history would be extremely offended at the treatment she is receiving from her production company.

Sadly, Angham isn’t the first to suffer the cold shoulder from Rotana. Singers like Amal Hijazi, Dina Hayek, Haifa Wehbe, Nelly Makdessy, and Madeleine Matar have felt it before, too. Amal was forced to pay for her “Baheb Nouaa Kalamak” video out of her own pocket (for undisclosed reasons). Dina Hayek is complaining about insufficient advertising. Haifa’s notorious dispute was over the release of the songs she debuted on the summer hit TV Show, Al Wadi. Musical giants like Ragheb Alameh, Nawal El Zoghbi, and Assi El Hellani have left the Rotana ship. However, the recurring theme seems to be disputes with Egyptian artists: Amer Mounir, Ihab Toufik, and Khaled Agag have left the company with a bitter taste in their mouth –all with disputes. As soon as Mohamed Fouad and Amr Diab release their last contract-bound albums, they will be on their way to new record companies. The recurring theme used to be a bias against Egyptian singers, however the picture is starting to look much darker.

Will Angham leave Rotana? Or will she stay and watch as Rotana are luring in Sherine Abdelwahab into their trap? Perhaps, she’ll soon find happiness, after all Shahenaz and Sherine Wagdy are the two Rotana Egyptians doing all right…

By Ahmed

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