LBC Star Academy 4 - Prime 11

Imad from Tunisia

The prime tonight was heated on many levels! On one level, the guests were Lebanese singer Nawal Zughbi & the star of Star Academy 3 Joseph Attieh. On the second level, the nominees were Ahmad from Kuwait, Amal from Morocco & Imad from Tunis ... What a competition!

Nawal started off the night with a song that Shatha shared with her ... Then it was a tableau starring Carlo, Mohammad Qammah & Marwa.
The nominees came out from back-stage & they weren't as relaxed as usual! After all, they are nominees!
Joseph Attieh performed next, with him sang Carlo. Imad was next with a song & a tableau just for him.
Marwa & Ali sang a duo together this week again ... They do make a good couple on stage!

As for 'Friend of the week', this time it's Carlo ... He wins a night out at the cinema with all the guys! Cool!
Nawal hits the stage again, with Sally & Tina alongside her singing 'Yama Alu'.
The students sang a special song on the occasion of the Nation Day of Kuwait.

The top 1 student this week is Shatha -again- , She won the opportunity to shoot a TV commercial with MTC Atheer. The ad will air on LBC.

Mawra got a surprise ... Her mom dropped by to visit her! 'She'll most probably spent an hour or two at the academy later in the night'.
Marwa was up next, with a cute tableau ... She performed a cute song by Carole Saqr.
The reportage about Qammah & Sally & Simba the cat going out to dinner was really funny!

Joseph Attieh was up next with a short medley with M. Qammah, Carlo & Shatha were by his side singing. Then he sang a short piece of one of his newest songs.
It's great that Amal got the chance to sang her song on stage ... she wrote it & composed the music ( a song that has come out of her heart because of her feelings for Ahmad ) ... poor girl ... i have started feeling for her after all this time!

Then the final moment arrived ... the voting has saved Ahmad & returned him to the Academy ... as for the students, they chose to bring back Amal. Thus Imad goes home ... Good Luck.

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