Al-Walid Bin Talal's Daughter's Wedding

Al-Walid Bin Talal and his daughter Rym

Saudi billionaire Al-Walid Bin Talal's daughter, Rym, wed on the 17th January, 2007. To celebrate the wedding of his daughter, 100 singers from Al-Walid's Rotana music label were signed to participate in the festivities. A number of singers sang in a 10 day private concert. Also, prominent singers like Najwa Karam, Ahlam, and Asalah Nasri have recorded special songs to mark the event. Finally, to immortalize the event for Princess Rym, the singers will al partiicipate in a video clip specially made for her.

However, on a darker note, Amr Diab refused to participate in the concert and the video clip and naturally refused to record a song for the bride. This comes after a series or cover-ups by Rotana Music General Manager Salem El Hindi, the latest of which was in Nadine magazine where he said that he is in a productive negotiation with Diab to renew his contract. It is no secret however that Diab, whose last album Kamel Kalamak marked his first Rotana collaboration, is very uncomfortable with Rotana and seeking a contract with Good News 4 Music as soon as he releases his second, and final, album with Rotana.

By guest writer Ahmed

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