Marwa & Sex Appeal in her Video Clips

• Lebanese singer Marwa rejects the fact that she uses sex appeal in her video clips and says she is an actress who studied art. She said that even though she makes some sexy moves in her clips but that doesn't make her solely dependant on them saying there is more to a video than just sex appeal.

Noor Al Sharif

• Noor Al Sharif has accepted to play the role of late writer Ihsan Abdel Qadoos in a new series written by Amira Abu Al Fatooh which is expected to go under production after the Eid.

• Director Nasser Mahroos is attempting to enroll Tamer Husni and Haithem Shaker who both served jail time in the same cell for forging military release papers in a new movie of his called "Al Fariq" or "The Team". He just has to wait for the boys to finish their army time.

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