Maya Diab Celebrates her Birthday & her Marriage

Maya Diab, one of the 4 Cats, celebrated her birthday last Saturday among a group of friends, Family & Lebanese celebrities, like Ghassan Rahbani & Toni Baroud.
During this party, she also celebrated entering into the golden cage of marriage! Maya got married in Switzerland a few weeks back to a rich business man, after a long love relationship.

This gave her a chance to celebrate her marriage in a simple way with all her loved ones, but she is still thinking of holding a huge party for the special occasion.
You know, Maya is really cute ... But she should have put on a bit more clothes ... Don't you think?

Oh! What am I saying! That's non of my business! ... I guess the one that should be saying something is her husband !!!

Photos of Maya Diab

Maya Diab

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