Nisreen Rizik New Sexy Video Clip

Nisreen Rizik

Nisreen Rizik started out as model and quickly became one of Lebanon's top fashion designer models. But after her modeling experience, Nisreen discovered she had a talent for singing. She joined the famous 4 Cats but quit after a while to participate in the Miss Lebanon contest of 2004.
She didn't win but got very close. Her natural style made her a favorite amongst the audience despite her loss.

After a few modeling adventures, Nisreen has decided to go back to singing, this time alone!

Photos from Nisreen Rizik video clip

Pictures from Nisreen Rizik video clip

She's making her big comeback debut with her new song ‘Khalini Maaak’ (Let Me Be With You) with a new sexy video clip by director Yahi Sa'ada.
The video should have been released earlier this summer but since the Israeli war occurred, the timing wasn't right.

Keep an eye out for this one.

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