Sex Education in the Arab World

Sex Education

Hey I have a question: What age do you think is a suitable age to start teaching sex education? And where do you think sex education should begin, at the home or at school? I started being taught sex education at the age of 11 and I was taught it at school having previously never been taught it. As any normal female and particularly an Arab one I think a lot about what I want my future kid/s to learn (if I have any children off course).

I've kept a lot of my old mathematical, science and other textbooks and some of my old exercise books so that I can rejuvenate my mind when duty calls for me to be a teaching mother because we begin to teach kids maths at a young age and art and languages...

The one thing we stumble on is sex education; however sex education is probably the number one issue growing children and become curious about. I think it's an international concern now especially as parents are wary that if kids don't learn at home, they will eventually get the information, and the wrong sort of information at that too from their peers and friends and from a ruthless and sex exploitive media.

On top of all that sex is highly inflammatory and controversial in the Arab world and only flares up certain erotic images. The only thing we have in the Arab world are the hordes of semi naked semi plastic female singers who have huge influences and yet deny that they do things for reasons of sexuality, therefore giving out the wrong messages. Just to clarify though, when I talk about Sex education...I am talking about the scientific course of sex and the effect it plays on human development, puberty, breeding, respecting ones sexuality and respecting others including respect of the opposite sex.

I'm at a stage where I am trying to encourage myself to teach the subject myself, I'm well aware that it'd easy to back out too. But with the future looking too risky to let kids learn something so crucial outside of the home I'm still well aware that my backing down might lead to kids experimenting on their own terms.

I’m curious to know what age people started to learn about it and where and if they would have preferred to be taught elsewhere…

Any thoughts anyone?

By guest writer Sam

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