Hamdi Qandil Wins the 2006 Media Accomplishment Award

Hamdi Qandil

The Arabic Media Watch institute awarded famous media man Hamdi Qandil with the prestigious Media Accomplishment Award in London. The famous presenter is known best for his TV show “Kalam Rasas” or “Pencil” on Dubai’s satellite channel. The award was given on the basis of his creativity and participation in the media world during his outstanding career which spans over half a century.
Qandil received his award on his 70th birthday which also happens to date 50 years in the media business switching from printed journalism to broadcasted TV.

Starting from his show “Press Releases” in Egypt to “Pencil” in Dubai, Qandil chaired a number of high-ranking positions in International and Arabic institutes of media and journalism, such as the UNSCO where he was the director of media and the Arabic Union of Broadcasters in Egypt.

Qandil didn’t receive the award himself but sent his representative in his place during the ceremony at the grand Royal Gardens hotel in London which was filled with businessmen and representatives from media institutes related to the Arab world.

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