CNN & Jewish Pressure

I had been monitoring the day's events on CNN and hadn't heard much about that kind of swelling Lebanese death toll ... Later, I went back and checked CNN's reporting, via, and discovered that throughout the day CNN repeatedly reported on the lone Israeli civilian causality without making any mention of the more than 50 Lebanese civilian casualties ...

Has CNN gotten to the point where it won't report pertinent facts that are essential to putting a story in context? Facts that certainly would have helped viewers understand some of the international criticism Israel was coming under for what the European Union called a "disproportionate" military response to the conflict at hand.
[The Huffington Post]

CNN is at it again: choosing its words and images carefully to remain safely well within the officially accepted and sanctioned storyline: Israel is reacting to provocation -- perhaps a bit heavy-handedly -- but reacting all the same.

We just placed a call to their International Desk a few minutes ago complaining about their lack of coverage of civilian suffesring on the Lebanese side, and the person answering the call, a Jennifer, explained that the reason for that was that they did not have enough equipment and could not be everywhere all the time! [PMWatch]

The CNN representatives expressed concern at the meeting about reports of American Jews selling off stock in the parent company, Time-Warner, in protest over the network's coverage of the current crisis.

Jewish leaders in the US said they were having some success in convincing CNN to change its reportage on the conflict.

In an effort to mollify critics, CNN recently stopped airing reports from correspondent Rula Amin in Gaza and ceased referring to the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo as a "settlement." []

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