Waleg Top Ten Arabic Songs 3

waleg top10

Sorry for not posting the Top Ten list yesterday, but better late than never!
The list is pretty much the same, but with a slight difference; Saber Al Ribai's new song Ajmal Nisa' El Donia moved up 2 places to number 1!
On the other hand Amal Hijazi's Biya3 El Ward is not moving anywhere from number 10!

Check out the Top Ten list:
1. Saber Al Ribai - Ajmal Nisa' El Donia
2. Faris Karam - Shifta
3. Najwa Karam - Shou Hal 7ala

4. Elissa - Bastanak
5. Kathem Al Saher - Tetbaghdad 3alena
6. Abdul Majid Abdullah - Ma Kan El Foraq
7. Mohammad El Mazim - El 7ob Bala
8. Angham - Ba7ib Nafsi
9. Baha Sultan - El Wad Albo Bioga3o
10. Amal Hijazi - Biya3 El Ward

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