Jennifer Lopez Sued for Canceling Tour

jlo & mark anthony

Jennifer Lopez was supposed to be touring some European cities & Dubai for her new album "Rebirth" tour, but after delaying it, she canceled it all together, & didn't give any reason for her decision!
Now she is being sued by promoters & organizers who claim they had spent about EUR 203,000 on commercials and to satisfy Lopez' many whims. The promoters in Bulgaria said they had spent a little over EUR 3,000 on sunflower seeds, chili, aroma candles and mineral water, and then had to double the sum to transport all the supplies from the states.

The Latin star was supposed to hold her concert in Sofia on May 2, as part of the tour promoting her latest album "Rebirth", but she delayed the gig for May 23. Afterwards she cancelled the tour, leaving thousands of disillusioned fans in Mocow, Dubai, Mumbai, Athens, Baku and Thessaloniki.

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