Mission Fashion - Prime 1

mission fashion

Last Saturday, the first prime of the newest reality show on LBC started.
Mission Fashion Prime 1 was all about introducing the contestants; Models & Fashion Designers, & starting with the eliminations. Every week contestants will leave from each group.
Here are the highlights of the night: The guest was Elissa & she sang her new smash hit Bastanak. The Models who left were Salima from Morocco & Fatmah from Tunisia.
While the ones to stay are Karin from Lebanon, Reem from Tunisia, Crystel from Lebanon, Lubna from Egypt, Faten from Tunisia, Mariam from Algeria, Kalthum from Morocco, Fatmah from Tunisia, Sana from Egypt & Ilham from Egypt.

As for the designers, the two unlucky ones to leave from the first week were Kashmir from Algeria & Ismail from Morocco. The ones to stay are: Ilian from Lebanon, Haitham from Jordan, Baligh from Tunisia, Mohammad from Egypt, Antoin from Lebanon, Rayan from Lebanon, Dania from Iraq, Sulafa from Saudi Arabia, Abdullah from Kuwait & Ra'ed from Saudi Arabia.
The twenty contestants who have stayed will be starting off at the school of Fashion under the supervision of the famous Lebanese designer Elli Saab.
If you want to watch more of this new reality show, then turn on your TV to Nagham channel and you can watch the contestants 24/24.
I personally loved the idea, and thought it was great having Sulafa from Saudi Arabia participate. This is the first time a young Saudi lady with a Khimar participates in such a show, especially one that is a reality tv show!
I wish her all the best, and hope she proceeds in the program to further levels.

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