Mr. Peebles, Worlds Smallest Cat

mr. peebles

Meet Mr. Peeples, The world's smallest cat! The Guinness Book of World Records has verified that Mr. Peebles is two years old, weighs about 1 kilo, is about 15 centimeters long and perfectly fits in a 200 ml glass.
The smallest cat in the world has become a star after living a bad life with his ex-owner, because he wasn't loved at all due to his size.

Mr. Peebles is now adopted by Dr. Donna Sassman, who felt sorry for the sweet little guy. "I was at a house doing vaccines on a dog and saw Mr. Peebles. He was very cute and I asked the owner 'Can I have him?' She said, 'Yes, if you can catch him,'" says Dr. Donna Sassman.
A doctor at the clinic said that Mr. Peebles has a genetic defect, and he's expected to hold onto his title for some time.
Because he's already past the age when a cat reaches normal size, Mr. Peebles probably won't get any bigger.
"I have to feed him at least four times a day to sustain his weight," says owner of Mr. Peebles. "I do bring him to bed with me at night between my husband and I. And he curls up in my arms and sleeps next to my neck when it's cold. And one of his best habits, he'll lick me on the chin at night to give me a kiss."

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