Sofia Guest of Al Qahera Al Youm

Sofia Guest of Al Qahera Al Youm Show

Sofia - Star Academy 1 contestant - was the guest of Orbit's famous daily night show "Al Qahera Al Youm" hosted by Amr Adeeb & Mona AlSharqawy...
on the show Sofia talked about many things including her career, the reality show and her relation to Bashar AlShati.

The highlights of the show were:

- Sofia is suffering from the ignorance of the large production companies... which lead her to fund her upcoming album on her own budget.

- She will shoot her first video clip in couple of weeks and it might be available for airing in a month or two.

- Only the first three are those whom get a "ready to sign contracts" for their albums... the others get only the tour.

- During Starac 1... The contestants were always aware of which cameras are shooting... And that came by time and experience.

- There were many love stories on the show and the audience saw it all.

- The contestants had there way in bending the strict rules of never whispering, writing to each other or turning off the microphones by communicating in the backstage of the primes and its practice... But sometime the LBC assigned professional Bodyguards for their movements to inhabit such action.

- She replayed to Amr's Question "What's with all the hugging and kissing thing on the show? And from the first day?"... By saying the contestants are not pushed to the show on it's first day... There is a preparation period where they all get to know each others and so... so it's a simple human nature to get emotional.

- "Bashar never proposed... and what was said about me committing suicide is nothing but a big rumor"... and thatís all. There were no further comments.

- "I would love to get married one day... And when this happens I'll give up my career and devote my life to my husband & my kids".

Photos of Sofia during the show

Photos of Sofia during the show

By guest writer Ihab

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