LBC Star Academy 3 – Prime 3

star academy prime 3

The first Star Academy prime in the year 2006, guests the famous Rai singer Cheb Khaled, Lebanese Wael Jassar and Lebanese Dania Khatib.
The nominees this week were Lebanese Manale, Saudi Mohammad Fahd & Moroccan Chadia.
One of the most impressive tableau’s during the prime was the Madonna tableau; absolutely breath-taking and excellent. The girls that impressed the audiences with this tableau were Chadia, Reem and Maya.

What is different about the students this time, and which they deserve credit for, is their talent; playing the piano and the guitar, and the ability to sing in many languages other than Arabic, English, French, like Spanish, Italian and Russian.
As for Tunisian Wajdi the Top 1 student this week, his surprise was a brand new guitar.
As for the nominees, the one to get saved by the audiences’ votes is Mohammad Fahd. And the other to be voted to stay by the other students is Manale Tahhan.
And Chadia Semlali leaves the academy and goes back home.

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