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Today the semi final level of Super Star 3 on Future TV was aired, and it was a special episode because all the contestants are girls!

Tonight, 11 female contestants from around the Arab world sang and tried to show their best in order for the audiences to vote for the best 5 to be moved to the final level of Super Star 3.
The jury, at this time in particular, has no interference in the choosing of the 5 girls, they only give their personal opinion and wish the contestant all the good luck.

Here are the names of the female contestants, where they’re from and what song they sang:

- Fawzia Al Betri from Tunisia, unfortunately she didn’t get the chance to sing, and had to drop out because of a health problem that hit her suddenly while shooting the episode.
- Rachelle Al Rasi from Lebanon, she sang kol elli lamuni by Thikra.
- Yusra Hamzawi from Tunisia, she sang uhdunu al ayam by Warda Al Jazairia.
- Shahd Barmada from Syria, she sang taswwar by Asala.
- Ulfa Al Barhumi from Tunisia, she sang mistaniak by Aziza Jalal.
- Asma Uthman from Tunisia, she sang habetak by Fairuz.
- Hasna Zalagh from Morocco, she sang ah ya layali by Thikra.
- Aida Rahbani from Lebanon, she sang lagetak wel dinya leil by Issam Rajji.
- Nancy Nasrallah from Lebanon, she sang taa ninsa by Milhem Barakat.
- Samar Qandeel from Egypt, she sang sinin wana ahaiel fik by Laila Murad.
- Asma Ben Ahmad from Tunisia, she sang lilsabr hdoud by Um Kulthoum.

Tune in tomorrow to know which five have passed to the final level, and to see exclusive photo galleries of the contestants.

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