Top Arabic Songs

Which song of the following Egyptian, Lebanese, Khaleeji (Gulf), and Maghrebi (North Africa) songs list you think are the best?

Best Egyptian Song

Amr diab, lealy nahary
Ruby, ebaa abelny
Mahmoud esseily & bouchra, tabat w nabat
Wama, ya ghaly alaya
Omda, ayez aeish

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Best Lebanese Song

Elissa, hobak waja
Maria, bahebak ad eh
Dolly chahine, moumou eini
Nancy ajram, inta eh
Haifa wehbe, badi eish

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Best Khaleeji (Gulf) Song

Majed el mohandes, kowa kowa
Abdullah al rowaished, ma fi ahad mirtah

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Best Maghrebi Song

Saber el rebaie, ezit nafsy
Samira saeid, makhalas

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If there is a good song missing from the list and you think it should be added, please post the name of this song here.

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