MBC 4, a Great Free to Air Channel


What channel has non-stop, great western TV series and comedies and is free to air? It is MBC’s Channel 4. Since its launching a few months ago, it has been blooming and getting more viewers each day.
Throughout the day, there are series and comedies and soap operas around the clock, in addition to live broadcasting from two of the most famous American news channels; CBS and ABC with programs like Good Morning America, Night Line and Sixty Minutes.

Here is an example of some of the series aired on MBC 4:

X-Files every Thursday and Friday at 16:00 GMT
Buffy The Vampire Slayer every Saturday at 18:00 GMT
Law & Order SVU every Tuesday at 19:00 GMT

To start receiving MBC 4 on NILESAT, Press the menu button on your remote control and follow the instructions until you get to the manual scan.
Change the frequency to 12226.
Change the polarity to H. And press OK.
Your decoder will scan the airwaves and you will be able to watch this great channel with all its fantastic shows.

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