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Tara Reid Picture

Tara Reid was posing for pictures on the red carpet at P. Diddy's birthday bash in New York... more

Mischa Barton Unsure of her 'O.C.' Future

Mischa Barton has hinted that she does not want to star in hit US drama, The O.C., forever... more

Usher wins best album at MTV Europe Music awards

Usher, R&B star picked his first prize at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Rome, winning best album with “Confessions... more

Susan Selles

Susan Selles went to law school and got to be a lawyer.. and eventually an actress. She's a corporate lawyer and when she went to work for Atlantic Worldwide they asked her to... more

Pierce Brosnan ... After the Sunset

There will be no sailing off into the sunset of retirement for the well-loved James Bond actor... more

George Clooney with a Beautiful Woman in a Fiat Car

George Clooney has already shot the commerical, which will see him being lured into a Fiat car which is being driven by a beautiful woman... more

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